Reading 1 – Q2 Examples

Subaru BRZ


The Subaru BRZ meets the aesthetic-usability effect principle by using some design techniques that may be perceived as both aesthetic and practical. The car is fairly low, meaning it has a low centre of gravity. This gives the car a better chance to not roll over, a better ability to take sharp corners and a more aero-dynamic foil, but it also makes the car look faster and more economical.

The car is fairly minimalistic in design, with only two doors. There are no added contraptions to be seen on the outside of the car body that may be perceived as hard to use or questionable. The outside of the car is simple, sleek and looking like it does what it is meant to do well.

Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro Retina 15inch. Photo: Josh Valcarcel

The Macbook Pro is a very aesthetic laptop computer that looks very minimalistic and self-explanatory in the way a user would want it to function and how it looks like it functions. The keypad is designed in a way that all of the buttons needed fit in a unified rectangle, which looks very organised and welcoming. There are no randomly placed buttons that one might find on the keyboard of a different computer, and the size ratios of all its hard where features are well thought out.

Xbox One Controller


The Xbox One controller is designed mostly for ease of use, practicality and feel for the user. The controller is very aesthetic though, in the way it uses the ratio of the size of its buttons to the size and shape of the controller. It is very easy to understand the way the controller is meant to be used  by the way it looks and its layout. The left hand grips the left part of the controller and the predominantly uses the d-pad and the joy stick. The right side is for the right stick and the coloured buttons. All in all, the controller looks very well thought out and organised. The well designed “X” button in the centre of the controller gives the product identity and character also.


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