Reading 3 – Part 2 Examples

Google Search Engine


The Google search engine is the worlds most used search engine, which is essentially an online application that organises web pages in terms of relevance when searching a specific topic or keyword. Google automatically lists quality and relevant websites, ranked in perceived importance to your search, which alleviates a lot of cognitive load from the user, who would otherwise have to learn of a websites url before attempting to access it.



Calculators are obvious appliances that satisfy the design principles of performance load. They are used to calculate mathematic equations that are too taxing for the human mind in terms of cognitive load. They help us to save time and move forward with our tasks, rather than dwelling on the mathematics for extended periods of time.

Massive Synthesiser   


Massive is an electronic, in-the-box synthesiser, which means it is entirely digital. Digital synthesisers satisfy the design principals of performance load by being easier to manipulate and save ongoing projects than an analog synthesiser, where you have to manually manipulate knobs and patch cables to achieve a required sound. The beauty of digital synthesisers is that with a click of a button, we can load up an old patch or save the current patch that we are working on. We do not have to memorise or manually record the process that we took to get the patch we desired.


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