Reading 3 – Q3 Psychology

Why is a study of psychology necessary when considering design?

A study or knowledge of human psychology may be useful when considering design aspects of a visual medium because we don’t process information in the same way a computer would. Our minds have certain tendencies and function certain ways, and if we can recognise these tendencies ahead of time we can potentially design ways to create visual layouts that adhere to our strengths and negate our weaknesses when it comes to processing visual information.

I’ve written about chunking and visual organisation in the previous question but there are other factors that can go into the creation of a usable visual design, one of which is the Aesthetic Usability Effect. If we brighten the visual design with imagery, aesthetic patterns and a well thought out array of colours and shapes, we can straight away make use of the strengths of human phycology by encourage the viewer to think of the design in a positive light, which makes deducing its information more enjoyable and thus easier.


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