Reading 4 – Q3 Dot Points

  • The aesthetics of the webpage; is it old looking? Is it modern looking? Does it look like a well designed, visually pleasing web page?

  • The user may need to see the credentials of the web page. Does it have all the information needed to reference the web page in an academic format?

  • As online shopping continues to grow, we see more and more ads being placed on web pages. Perhaps the user will be deterred by advertising and unnecessary banners on a specific web page, that may suggest an ulterior motive to creating a web page than to share information.

  • As we go forward, we see that search engines have massive power over what we see first when we search for a topic. The importance of search engines has seemed to grow over time, to the extent that many users trust search engines to deliver the most credible and relevant sites to the top of the search results. We could see that people are perceiving sites that are down the list somewhat as less credible, due to the trust they may have in the search engine.

  • Many webpages these days have the potential for users to leave comments in the comment section, usually located at the bottom of the article. This allows readers to check the comments of other readers, which creates a bit of discussion and information regarding whether or not other users of the information found it to be accurate and credible.


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